Kayusar Sdn Bhd was established in 1979. Kayusar Sdn Bhd is a reputable timber company that specialized in producing sawn timber and moldings. Our company adopted stringent policy and guideline to achieve consistent highest and finest sawn timber and timber products. This has enable Kayusar to build a strong reputation as a supplier of high quality sawn timber not only in local but overseas market too.

Kayusar Sdn Bhd strives to meet its customer’s wants and needs, by customizing their needs and specification in a relatively short time with maximum efficiency. The mission of Kayusar is dedicated to provide the highest and finest quality sawn timber and timber products. Customer service is to be delivered with utmost sense of professionalism. Kayusar Sdn Bhd mission statement has always governed the way we conduct our business. The mission statement guides employees when they make sales and marketing decisions.

Kayusar Sdn Bhd main objective is to offer superior products at a competitive price. Kayusar strives on efficiency to maximize cost and wastage.

Kayusar’s goal is fulfill customers need in a relative short period of time. Exceeding the expectations is the key to retain existing customers. These customers will market Kayusar indirectly through word of mouth regarding our exceptional quality and efficient service provided. Do it once do it well can only be achieved through clear delegation of duties while efficiency and effectiveness of workers carrying out those delegated duties is equally important to achieve company goal.


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